Crystal Question

Crystal Question - Dizzywood

This is a Gold Explorer mission that has been around since last week but I forgot to write about it. You can only do this mission if you are a Gold Explorer and you will get it after you have the Crystal Courier mission which is one of the new Crystal missions on Dizzywood.

To do this mission, first accept it in your missions tab near your backpack and then head to the Icy Aerie. If you don’t remember, you go there by using the Crystal Key for the Icy Aerie on the crystal keyhole in Presto’s Edge. Click on the key in your backpack and then click on the crystal keyhole. The key you want looks just like the new keys for the Snow Mazes so make sure you use the right one!

When you arrive, the crystal you are looking for is right near the Winter Wizard. It’s a white crystal so you might not see it at first but here it is circled in this screenshot.

Crystal in Icy Aerie

Click on the crystal to complete the mission. You get 200 coins!

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  1. ayshahaM Says:

    well then, how do you do the test they have??

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