Terminate the Fumes

Terminate the Fumes

This mission is for Gold Explorers only and it comes after you complete the Rescue the Clouds mission. You need to figure out how to stop the plant that Grool Grubnibbler used to poison those poor cloud sprites.

The first step is to go talk to Chanjo in Presto’s Grove. He will ask you to play a game of Combo Drop. It is pretty easy to win but it takes some time because you need to get 12 of each piece cleared from the board.

Chanjo Game

When you win the game, Chanjo will give you a pruning device and it will appear in your backpack. Now you need to go find the plant that is causing all the trouble.

The plant is in Tanglevine Jungle near the entrance. Walk over to it then click on the pruner in your backpack and then click on the plant. You will complete the mission and get 300 coins!

Foul plant gets pruned

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