Rescue the Clouds

Rescue the Clouds

Hey there is a new mission on Dizzywood today called Rescue the Clouds. There are a few things you need to do to complete it. First click on it to accept the mission and get started.

You need to go find the Cloud Sprite in Sky Town skate park so Zap the cannon or ask someone to zap it for you and head on up there. Click on the cloud sprite and he will give you some medicine to take to some cloud sprites that were poisoned by Grool Grubnibbler.

cloud sprite rescue

The hint is that they are in a room with a lot of plants and you only have two minutes to find them. I thought it would be the plant nursery at first in the home emporium because the hint said room but that’s not it. They are in the Garden Gazebo which also has a lot of plants. They are right near the entrance so click on them to deliver the medicine. You will then need to play them in a came of Force Field and when you win that game you complete the mission and get 300 coins.

Sick Cloud Sprites in Garden Gazebo

If you are a Gold Explorer member you will also get a new mission called Terminate the Fumes.

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