Cool Clothing Cheat for Dizzywood

There is a really fun glitch in Dizzywood involving Dressing Rooms/Closets in Gold Explorer mansions and it’s one of the best cheats ever in Dizzywood. Using this cheat you can wear any clothing from a Gold Member’s dressing room. Even Gold Explorer items and rare beta items. Here is how you do it.

First, go to a Gold member’s house either from your buddy list or from a gold house portal on the ground. Then walk through their mansion to see if they have a dressing room. Most people name their dressing rooms as Closet or something like that.

Closet in Dizzywood Mansion

Now pick out the outfit you want to wear. Here I am trying on this Gold Member’s scarf and jacked and striped leggings. These are the new Gold Explorer clothes.

Dizzywood closet

Now this is important. Click on the Change Your Look button and change something about your appearance. It doesn’t matter what. I just changed my hairstyle. Don’t worry because you can change it back later.

Dizzywood change your look

Now log out of the game and log back in. You will be in the last place you were before you went to the mansion, and you will be wearing the clothes you tried on even if you don’t own them yourself. That is so cool! You will keep those clothes on until you change them no matter how many times you log out and yes, other people see you wearing those clothes.


Awesome cheat! Start being buddies with lots of Gold Explorer members, especially the old beta users and you can wear almost anything in Dizzywood.

Oh yeah once you log out and back in you can change your hairstyle or whatever back!

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23 Responses to “Cool Clothing Cheat for Dizzywood”

  1. fudgyswirl Says:

    omg! that is an awesome cheat!

  2. Guimver Says:

    Hey i got a cheat for you:
    Go In The Presto Edge Chasm Then Cast Ghost Ray In The Rock In The Right >>>> then you will find a tv for your home

  3. Labydog Says:

    My friends dizzywood site really needs some hits! She works really hard on it! Can you please visit the site and make a comment!!!
    Thanks The address is
    Thanks again

  4. MythicalJedi Says:

    i know awesome cheat waddlez is a old beta and im buddies with him so its awesome

  5. rylee10 Says:

    hey do i have a ice for u

  6. Cherry Says:

    wow cool cheat:!: :mrgreen:

  7. Em0Pwincess Says:

    hiii…why the cheat doesnt work?? 😦

  8. ragingfyre Says:

    I tried it, and doesnt work, oh I kept the hair change but it was back in my old clothes I had before I changed into some “borrowed” gold clothes. So think they have fixed this glitch :/

  9. yay Says:

    i new dat ages ago but i put on clothes and i went out the closet and i didnty have the clothes on anymore

  10. MileyRoxs14 Says:

    It doesnt work. it used to

  11. katya710 Says:

    can you keep the gold clothes?

  12. katya710 Says:

    LIER!!!!! it never worked!

  13. funnygirl74 from dw Says:

    it did work but they fixed it so it wont

  14. krissy Says:

    it s not her fault it used to work befor

  15. serephinex Says:

    It still works. Not with Silver explorer colthes -only gold.

  16. katya710 Says:


  17. maddison rocks Says:

    thx why did in didnt thought of that

  18. waman Says:


  19. pinkninja213 Says:

    Its nice but i just dnt like the thought of stealing somebody elses clothes. Its just not fair, the gold member has to earn for it, they even pay their own real life money so they can get clothes, and non members just take it like no sweat. It makes me mad if somebody steals from me.

  20. layla Says:

    can u change it to work again?

  21. Michelle Says:

    that seriously didnt work its a waist of time all it did was take off my fringe and streaks caus i had to change my hairstyle seriously its a big waste of time u really disapointed me cause i usually go to u for these things and its just a waste of time

  22. Issa Says:

    How do u get a closet?
    But i dont want anyone stealing my clothes…

  23. blackbearcub12 Says:

    Hey thatsa realy good cheat! thank you so much! and also ladydog, you have a club penguin photo…. so u must play clubpneguin? i do to

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