Sticky Ichor – Dizzywood Mission

Dizzywood Sticky Ichor Mission

Wow this is a new mission on Dizzywood and it takes much longer than the others and is kind of fun. You go on a chase where you try to catch Rat Wraith who is trying to turn the honey bees into his own agents. It is a mission for Spy Bear. There are a lot of different bees to find and you need to find them in order. Here is where they are.

Presto’s Edge

The first bee is in Presto’s Edge on the right side of the chasm near the pillars.

Sticky Ichor Bee 1

Explorer’s Camp

The second bee is in the Explorer’s Camp near the tents and the clothes line.


Jaguar Temple

The third bee is in the Jaguar Temple. Fortunately he is right on the first platform!


Crystal Catacombs

The fourth bee is in the Crystal Catacombs. Jump off the platform in the Jaguar Temple to fall down there. Then walk to the bottom and you will see him.


Tanglevine Jungle

The fifth bee is over on the river bank in Tanglevine Jungle. He is on the left side of the river near the waterfall at the bottom. You do not need to levitate over the river to see him.


Wildwood Glen

The sixth bee is near the pond in Wildwood Glen.


Garden Gazebo

The seventh bee is in the Garden Gazebo.


Breakwater Beach

Almost there! The eighth bee is in Breakwater Beach. He’s right near the part where you enter.


Presto’s Edge – Chasm

For the ninth bee, go to Presto’s Edge and levitate over the chasm. When levitate runs out you will fall inside the Chasm and the last bee will be there.



The last bee tells you to go chase Rat Wraith up into the sky. Go to Skytown to get there and go over the bridge. There will be a pot of honey in the middle of the ground. When you click on it Spy Bear will congratulate you on finding it and you will complete the mission and get 500 coins. Congratulations!


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22 Responses to “Sticky Ichor – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. lipglossroses Says:

    Hey can i take some of your pictures! im running outa space

  2. roxy97229 Says:


  3. snowy34 Says:

    what do u get at the end?

  4. hipgirl265 Says:

    cool once agin thx m. i left u a message on ur other page the agin πŸ™‚

  5. Nuttydude Says:

    Yeah I couldn’t find any of them. And the mission id in my mission tab. What is going on?

    Check out my website

  6. isgbbc Says:

    i cant find half of dese

  7. hipgirl265 Says:

    thx m best cheats ever!

  8. hipgirl265 Says:

    its almost in all towns

  9. Ilial21 Says:

    Thx! The first one I couldnt find(it was across the bridge) but the rest was there!! This really helped!!

  10. Chiphoitran Says:

    Well, thanks for helping. YOU ROCK! Meet you there tommorow in Giggly. And be my friend.

  11. Crushdown Says:

    This doesn’t really work maybe its because Im a boy……

  12. guia Says:

    how do i get zap?

  13. JustMusic Says:

    I do not know why but I cannot find ANY of the bees.

  14. kicha Says:

    thnx so much

  15. Mittengirl3 and kmisenhour Says:

    Hey This iz Mittengirl and kmisenhour πŸ™‚ this da best misson EVER!!!!

  16. Mittengirl3 and kmisenhour Says:

    I love you M. You Helped me do this missons on two accounts πŸ™‚ oh and To all of you out there See If you can find Mittengirl3 or kmisenhour! Dont worry i dont bite πŸ™‚ lol

  17. eliane Says:

    I looked and i could not find them but ithink theyare different for everyone.

  18. eliane Says:

    they are there i just looked at the wrong pillar

  19. dizzywood fan Says:

    im not finding any bee

  20. Rockprincess7879 Says:

    thnx sooooooooooooo much mkramer
    hope to see u on DW
    bi bi bi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. blazeglaze01 Says:

    hey tnxz a lot πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  22. has_abs! Says:

    thnx alot and alot and alot and alot and alot and alot….yu get the point aye? but alooooott of bees gosh

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