Feed the Birds – Dizzywood Mission

Feed the Birds Dizzywood Mission

This is a Gold Explorer only mission that is part of the new winter missions you can do. There are flutterbirds up in Skytown and they need you to help find a lost delivery of food for them.

The crate of flutterbird feed is in the Garden Gazebo. It is kind of in the bottom middle. Click on it to pick it up and then head to Skytown to give it to the birds.

Flutterbird Feed Crate

The flutterbirds are across the bridge in Skytown. Go there and click on them to deliver the feed and complete the mission. You will get 200 coins!

Flutterbirds in Skytown

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One Response to “Feed the Birds – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. mati15 Says:

    its not on my mission tab

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