Salamander Snack – Dizzywood Mission

Salamander Snack

The third Sprite mission is a lot harder than the first two, Sprite Story and Bouncing Words. In this mission, called Salamander Snack, you have to find three spiders in Dizzywood. They are in these places:

  • Garden Gazebo
  • Presto’s Edge
  • Explorer’s Camp

It sounds like there is always one spider in each of these places but they are in slightly different parts of each area for everyone. Here are some screenshots of where I found them. The Presto’s Edge one was very hard and I had to use the ghost ray power on the snowman to really see it!

Spider in Prestos Edge

Spider in Explorers Camp

Spider in Garden Gazebo

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16 Responses to “Salamander Snack – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. Pearlgirl123 Says:

    i cant find the one at the camp…..
    its not under the tree o well
    but if u can plz help

  2. ewardfromtwilight Says:

    thx that really helped a lot

  3. awesomeness Says:


  4. maxiluv Says:

    thanx that helped alot u really rock

    p.s i love the post about the gold members closet cheat

  5. Sh0pping_Queen Says:

    Hey I found out that if you click the same bug twice it counts as 2 bugs. But u have to click it quick or else it doesn’t work.

  6. i am a girl but my acount name is cyboy Says:

    that was so awsome i love you

  7. Jordan Says:

    I can’t find any of them!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i cant find the garden gazebo one! its not bye the tree! bye! ur cheats dont work!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    srry it does! thanks 4 the cheat!

  10. stitchy7 Says:

    wow anonymous that was really mean!

    but i guess you DID appoligize so….

    oh yeah umm thanx for the cheat i always come to this website to get cheats! ur so awsome 🙂

  11. Calli Says:

    the spider wasn’t in presto’s edge or the explorers camp and whats more i ran out of ghostray looking for the one in the explorers camp, but thatnks anyway

  12. Calli Says:

    oh yeah they are there its just that i needed to quit the mission and then accept it again thanks loads!

  13. skatergrl746 Says:

    NONE OF THEM WORK get a clue

  14. skatergirl111 Says:

    dec 30?!
    ur cheats r old
    i only found the spider in presos edge n i didnt use cheats on that
    the tree at the camp isnt there any mor

  15. blackout4949 Says:

    you are awesome maybe u could help me with my wordpress blog??? its also a dizzywood cheats and stuff blog my real name in dizzywood is blackout49

  16. primaj7410 Says:


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