Snow Maze Cheat

There is a very easy way to cheat in the snow maze using a levitation glitch. First, you need to have the levitation power. Stand next to the crystal keyhole in Farthing’s Pond and use levitation. Then click on one of the snow maze keys and then the crystal keyhole. You have to do this quickly before your levitation power runs out.

Levitate next to the crystal keyhole

Now when you arrive in the snow maze, you will be able to walk through all the walls and complete the maze by walking in a straight line directly to the finish!

walk on maze walls

You can win coins in each maze once per day. The first maze is worth 100 coins, the second is worth 200 and the third is worth 300 coins.

Thanks kka2297 for finding this cheat!

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9 Responses to “Snow Maze Cheat”

  1. kka2297 Says:

    =D Yay! I didnt like doing the Snow Maze 3, so then I remembered I sometimes used that cheat on the Rock Maze and wondered if it worked on the Snow ones. 😀

  2. blahblitty Says:


  3. pinkpair Says:

    cool im getting rich thanks for the cheat >:o)

  4. pheebee Says:

    um how do you get money

  5. gabby Says:

    hey wheres farthing pond?

  6. pksonic Says:

    Farthing’s pond was deleted i think…

  7. JustMusic Says:

    There is a quest called “Find the Snow Maze Keys”.
    Description: The Winter Wizard has built three snow mazes, but the keys are all hidden. Find the hidden keys!

    How do you finish the quest? Do you have to do it during a certain time/season?

  8. dogpuptom Says:

    m u rock dudette

  9. skatergirl111 Says:

    thank u!

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