Crystal Keys for Dizzywood Winter Festival

There are three keys to the floating lock in Farthing’s Pond. Each of these keys sends you to a different snow maze. The snow maze is like the rock maze in Tanglevine Jungle but each maze is a little harder than the one before it and you have to get to the finish line before time runs out.

You need to find each key in Dizzywood. To go to each snow maze, use the key then click on the floating keyhole in Farthing’s Pond. You can also use the floating keyhole in Presto’s Edge.

The key to Snow Maze 1 is in the Explorer’s Camp near the table with the teapot on it. It is very close to Pierre Le Snout.

Snow Maze Key 1

The key to Snow Maze 2 is in Garden Gazebo. It is right in the middle of the Gazebo near the game machine.

Snow Maze Key 2

The key to Snow Maze 3 is in Skytown between the game machine and Olivia Kickflip’s machine right near the place where you arrive.

Snow Maze Key 3

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7 Responses to “Crystal Keys for Dizzywood Winter Festival”

  1. poopface Says:

    what are the keys for ??????????????????

  2. mkramer96 Says:

    Hi poopface, nice name lol. The keys are used to get into the snow mazes at the winter festival. Click on the key then click on the crystal keyhole in either Farthing’s Pond or Presto’s Edge and you will go to one of the snow mazes. Snow maze 3 is harder than 2 or 1 but u get more coins when you finish it.

  3. pinkpair Says:

    yeah im getting rich

  4. emoheart Says:

    yea but did u ever think maybe u could show us the way to finish? like maybe a video? ndat would be helpful wouldn’t it?

  5. niki Says:

    if u use levitation b4 going in it takes 1-2mins to finish maze3
    (because you float over the maze but sill finish)

    hope this helped ^^

  6. piggy4prinsess Says:


  7. zara00000009 Says:

    what happens afta that????

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