Lend Presto a Hand – Dizzywood Mission

Dizzywood Mission - Lend Presto a Hand

There are some new missions in Dizzywood. The first one is called Lend Presto a Hand. You need to help Presto who is organizing a food collection to help those in need. He wants you to help him find a food parcel.

The food parcel is in Tanglevine Jungle near some of the trees on the left side of the river. Click on it to complete the mission and move on to another one.


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7 Responses to “Lend Presto a Hand – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. lovely princess Says:


  2. superbingpong Says:

    THANKYOU! it wouldve tooking me FORREEVEER to figure that out

  3. 02teva Says:

    omg, thxx u soo fastt!

  4. stitchy7 Says:


  5. stitchy7 Says:

    HOHOHO!! Merry Christmas M.!! You’ve been a good dizzy this year!!
    what do you want for Christmas? OHOHO!!

    -anonymas(did i spell that right …… oh well)

  6. Xeva02X Says:

    i wan to be gold but i dun wan to pay money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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