Seed Scavenger – Jangleberry – Dizzywood Mission

Seed Scavenger Mission

This is a new gardening mission that is a lot like the Joysnap Seed Scavenger mission. You need to find the Jangleberry seeds, which are hidden in Tanglevine Jungle. You need to cross over the river using your levitation power and then look along the river bank. You will see the seeds but make sure you have accepted the mission first or they won’t be there!

Jangleberry Seeds

When you click on the seeds you will get a new mission to grow a Jangleberry plant.

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8 Responses to “Seed Scavenger – Jangleberry – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. dgirl1897 (name on dizzywood) Says:

    hi i am a big fan of ur website!
    bye 4now

  2. Crushdown Says:

    thnx for the guide. 😀

  3. micky Says:

    thanx heaps

  4. lilly Says:

    how about the cupcake tree? plz help me in tht

  5. manu687 Says:


  6. Someone Says:

    im your biggest fan you rock

  7. Coolisimo Says:

    i luv this website it helps me so much! ive done nearly all the missions because of u

  8. Kindershi Says:

    My moms name is molly

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