Play Sticky Force Field – Dizzywood Mission

Dizzywood Play Sticky Force Field

In this mission, which comes after you do the Find the Needy Bee Mission, you need to find a jar of honey and then play a game of Force Field against a bee. The jar of honey is in Wildwood Glen, just below the pond and near the trees. The game was a little hard but it is worth it because you get three clothing items when you win it!

You get the full beekeeper outfit which includes the Bee Keeper bottoms, the Bee Keeper Top and the Bee Keeper Hat!

Sticky Force Field stuff

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12 Responses to “Play Sticky Force Field – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. Curious Says:

    So..where is the honey jar?

  2. Jodie Says:

    Where do u find the honey ?

  3. squadsquyad Says:

    it would help if you told us where the honey was

  4. ragingfyre Says:

    was told it was to be in tanglevine jungle off to the one side of the air grate, but I cant find it, dont know if its because of the snow or some tech flaw

  5. ragingfyre Says:

    found it, seems its over in Wildwood Glen near the Rat’s cave

  6. mkramer96 Says:

    Sorry everyone I forgot to mention that the jar of honey is in Wildwood Glen!

  7. Yumyumyumi Says:

    Yay! I finally found a site that has this mission! :D~ He he beard <.<

  8. Yumyumyumi Says:

    What the hell? Its not letting me click it?

  9. lilyflower998 Says:

    guys the jar is between the two big tall trees thats too close in front of the pond and u must click it

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