Montana Jack’s Travelouges – Dizzywood Missions

After you finish the Get Digging mission by visiting H.C. Le Snout in the Explorer’s Camp, he will give you a series of new missions where you need to find the lost travelogues of Montana Jack.

Montana Jack's Travelogues

These missions are all kind of the same. You need to find a book and they are hidden in different locations.

Part One

The first book is hidden in Tanglevine Jungle on the left bank of the river at the very bottom of the screen.

Travelogue One

Part Two

The second book is in Skytown on the left side of the bridge.

Travelogue Two

Part Three

The third and final book is hidden deep inside the Elder Vein Mines. It is a little harder to find because you need to already have the mining helmet to get inside. The book is in the Gamma Yam mine, which is the one with the laser beam thing.

Travelogue Three

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17 Responses to “Montana Jack’s Travelouges – Dizzywood Missions”

  1. alisha Says:

    oh thanks for telling us where they are thanx sooooo much

  2. lolOlol Says:

    Thx …….not complaining but

    copy 8) and 8) paste 8) if u think the gold member thing 8) isnt fair

  3. Luckyeddy Says:

    thank u really much bye see ya

  4. MAKU Says:


  5. Lulu Says:

    Thx. I love puppiez dizzywood cheats their awsome like ur’s

  6. Davina Says:

    whaat do you do after you get all the jack montana books

  7. Davina Says:

    what do you do after you do the finding

  8. pansy Says:

    what do you get when you r finish?

  9. dwshoppingqueen Says:

    oh my god. I was diging into the Onsaki treasure room all by my self for half an hour and it wasnt even in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ayesha Says:

    copy and paste if u think the gold member thing isnt fair

  11. ayesha Says:

    thanx more easier 2 live lyf. as they say live alot .

  12. Nellas Says:

    It almost seems impossible for me to get to other mines. How do you get to all of those other mines? How do other people go to the other mines? It’s just so impossible for me!

  13. JustMusic Says:

    It says that the Gamma Yam mine is locked!

  14. megan Says:

    thank u soooooo much i really needed the help thanks veryyyyyyyyyyyy much

  15. CrystalBal Says:

    I couldn’t get into the cannon. Even though i went inside I wouldnt go to Skytown!

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