Seed Scavenger – Dizzywood Mission

Seed Scavenger - Dizzywood Mission

In the seed scavenger mission on Dizzywood, which you can get once you finish the Garden Guru mission, you need to find the joysnap seeds. They are hidden somewhere in Dizzywood and you get a clue when you accept the mission. Kat de Claw says that her green friend the leaf sprite knows where they are. Well the leaf sprite is in Wildwood Glen and that’s where the joysnap seeds are!

After you accept the mission go to Wildwood Glen and walk all the way to the right. The seeds are on the far edge of the pond.

Joysnap seeds in Wildwood Glen

After you find the seeds, you will unlock a new mission called Raise a Joysnap where you need to grow the seeds into a full joysnap plant.

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20 Responses to “Seed Scavenger – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. dizzyfun12 Says:

    Thank you!

  2. explorer Says:

    Where do I get jangleberry seeds please

  3. cawdy Says:

    hi um thank u so much u r the best ever i coulndt have done it with out u thx 1s again o and nice dress where did u get it it is beautiful

  4. lolOlol Says:

    Thank you very much. The dress is the dark dress with bow and I think I bought it at one of the stores in Dizzywood but I can’t remember.

    well its in prestos edge

    btw thx ur website is KEWL!!

  5. MadGeek Says:

    This website is sooooooooooo HELPFUL! Thxs!

  6. cornmaze Says:

    i need to know where the gumblina seeds are!

  7. bosey23 Says:

    you rule thanks

  8. bosey23 Says:

    great this is awesome…

  9. polishpoohbear Says:

    Thanks for the info but would you happen to know where the electrifrond, giggle plant, and rocket flower seeds are

  10. MaTi~15 Says:

    M stands for mkramer,M is just shortcut πŸ™‚

  11. NeuralParasite_ Says:

    Where are the cactoberry seeds located?

  12. Nister Says:

    im stuck on a mission and i was wondering if u knew were the glowflower seeds are for the mission called…..Seed Scavenger: glowflower… πŸ™‚

  13. 00peace00 Says:

    were do u get the cupcake seeds?

  14. divastyle9 Says:

    where can you find the mirthwood seeds???!!

  15. suzanne Says:

    tell us about whisperweeds

  16. chyg Says:

    ehh.. can u tell us where chirproot is?

  17. blackbearcub12 Says:

    uuuuhhh theres another wbsite and it has the exact same thing as what u just did… all u did was u copied her….. have a nice trip to jail

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