Raise a Joysnap – Dizzywood Mission


After you find the joysnap seeds in the Seed Scavenger mission, you will get this mission. To do it, go to the Garden Gazebo and plant the seeds. Before you start, make sure you have plenty of Moxie Mulch and a gardening trowel.

You get the moxie mulch by talking to Kat de Claw and playing her bounce game. If you get 400 points, you win and get three bottles of moxie mulch. The trowel is also lying on the ground in the Garden Gazebo. Pick it up because you will need it when you are done growing your joysnap plant.

Now put the joysnap seeds in the ground and move your mouse over the purple circle quickly. It will start to grow. Soon you will need to put moxie mulch on your seedling. Click on the moxie mulch in your backpack and then click on your seedling. You will probably need to do this a few times. It takes about 5 minutes to grow your plant but it can go a lot faster if you get friends to help you.

Growing a Joysnap plant in the Garden Gazebo

When the plant is finished, click on your garden trowel and then the joysnap plant to pot it. You are done!

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4 Responses to “Raise a Joysnap – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. dizzyfun12 Says:

    Cool. Nice plant.

  2. dizzywoodpower Says:

    Thank u for the guide.

  3. lolOlol Says:


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