Gardening Missions

There are a bunch of new gardening missions available on Dizzywood today. The first one you need to do is Garden Guru and it is very easy. I will write a guide later but all you really need to do is go find Kat de Claw in Garden Gazebo. So it is almost too easy to write a guide for!

When you finish the Garden Guru mission, Kat will give you two new missions. They are Seed Scavenger and Wilted Shrubbery. I will write guides for those, too. I promise!

There is also a special mission for Gold Explorer members called Investigate the Tainted Mulch (Part 1).

Gardening Missions


5 Responses to “Gardening Missions”

  1. Pepper263 Says:

    I think this is a very helpful website! It gives you the latest info on what u need! I just want to say thanks for helping! This site ROCKS!!!!!!!

  2. bella518 Says:

    great site! wer r the glowflower and the giggleplant seeds?

  3. daisy2301 Says:


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