Garden Guru – Dizzywood Mission

Garden Guru

There are several new gardening missions in Dizzywood and you need to do this one before you can do the rest. It is very, very easy. Accept the mission and then go to Garden Gazebo to find Katherine (Kat) de Claw. She is standing right by the entrance. Click on her and the mission is complete.

Katherine de Claw in the Garden Gazebo on Dizzywood

You will get two new missions, Wilted Shrubbery and Seed Scavenger. There is also another mission that comes later called Raise a Joysnap.

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3 Responses to “Garden Guru – Dizzywood Mission”

  1. yasinnc Says:

    do you have to plant seeds to get the new missions

  2. yasinnc Says:



  3. coolmimi88 Says:


    so silly mission


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