Dizzywood Mission – Find the Needy Bee

Find the Needy Bee

In this mission you need to find the needy bee, who wants the jar of honey that you got in the previous mission, where you help the bees find honeycomb.

Needy Bee in Presto's Edge

There are three or four bees that you can find, but the one you want to talk to is in Presto’s Edge. He is near the bridge over the chasm. When you find him and click on him you will complete the mission and get a recliner chair for your house as a reward. You will also unlock a new mission called Sticky Force Field.

Neo Recliner Chair

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14 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission – Find the Needy Bee”

  1. Serena Says:

    M. I Dont See the bee near the bridge in Presto’s edge D= Help me plz

  2. Serena Says:

    i Think i needa find all bees o.o

  3. syrac4everm0re Says:

    thanks that was really helpful. i mean about the needy bee mission. 🙂

  4. charla Says:


  5. sugarcake10 Says:

    Thanks sooooo much!!! i haven’t found the bee in a year can you believe that?

  6. Twilightismylyf Says:

    The reward isn’t a Yellow Neo Recliner anymore. It’s 300 coins.

  7. mardigrasgirl Says:

    i didnt get areclyner chair. i got 300 coins…hmmm…

  8. stitchy7 Says:

    it didnt unlock a mission for me

  9. Snowdrop100 Says:

    i got coin hmf

  10. Snowdrop100 Says:

    plz dont mind me im just……….

  11. 00peace00 Says:

    no recliner

  12. princessTarryn Says:

    No recliner, but thanks for helping me find the bee.

  13. pearl12bloom Says:

    no recliner 😦

  14. dizzyrockes Says:

    i didnt get a recliner or unlock a mission. all i got was 300 coins.

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