Dizzywood Mission – Defuse the Elixir Barrel

Dizzywood - Defuse the Elixir Barrel

This is another Spy Bear mission on Dizzywood this weekend, just like the Agent Training: Word Race mission.

In this mission, you need to do two things and find the red elixir and then the explosive barrel which you defuse.

The red elixir is in Jaguar Temple right on the first platform. It is very easy to find.

Dizzywood Red Elixir

Once you find the elixir you have two minutes to find the barrel. But it is very easy to find. Just drop down into the Crystal Catacombs by walking off the edge of the platform where you found the red elixir. Then walk over to where Chief Pathfinder Burrows is and you will see the barrel. It is in front of the entrance to the Elder Vein Mines.

Defuse the Barrel

When you click on the barrel it will defuse and the mission is complete!

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13 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission – Defuse the Elixir Barrel”

  1. alvamar001 Says:

    what if u dont get it in 2 minutes?

  2. Bulldog69 Says:

    thxs soooo much

  3. mkramer96 Says:

    alvamar, if you don’t get it in two minutes I think you need to start over. But it is easy to get in two minutes because all you need to do is jump down.

  4. mmk175 Says:

    Thank u so much for all your awesome help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kevin Says:

    kooool ,, thanksss

  6. Misty45565 Says:

    thanks!i needed this mission done to i love this website it a big help to me!

  7. ELACEO Says:


  8. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    thank u so much! it really helped me u rock

  9. stitchy7 Says:

    omg thanks soooo much im trying to get as many spy bear missions as possable so please post smoe more (;

  10. Camliy123 Says:

    I love ur tips they help me show much. Thanks so much

  11. megadesgner Says:

    Thanks so much i got that mission done like that.

  12. tiffany(dizzy2154) Says:

    Thx so much!Without you’re help I would have never found it in two minutes.You rock!☺☻♦♥♠◘○

  13. Kpraski Says:

    Hey I was wondering i have the dizzywood high school blog and all its a webs one but i was wondering if i could use a couple of your pictures on it?
    I have been taking some but it wont let me do any more so i was just wondering that.

    Kpraski, Dizzywood, Wobbly

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