Dizzywood Mission – Agent Training: Word Race

Word Race

There are a bunch of new missions this weekend on Dizzywood. They are all spy bear related missions again.

The first one is called Agent Training: Word Race. You need to find a hidden briefcase and then play a game of Word Race to complete the mission.

Spy Briefcase hidden in Garden Gazebo

The briefcase is hidden in the Garden Gazebo. Click on it to play Word Race. You need to guess three words correctly and all the words have a spy/secret agent theme. When you win the game you will complete the mission and get 200 coins.

Dizzywood Agent Training 200 coins

There were some other spy bear missions two weeks ago and if you have not yet done them you might want to do them now.

Bee Sprite Spying

Stolen Tree House Guide

Swipe the Sprite Traps

You can repeat this last one as many times as you want and you will win coins each time.

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14 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission – Agent Training: Word Race”

  1. mozelle Says:


  2. tamagotchifan23 Says:


  3. superstar672 Says:

    that helped a lo,t i couldnt find the breifcase

  4. superstar672 Says:

    do you know any of the spy words

  5. cawdy Says:

    hey thanks alote i had so much trouble finding that case thing and omg i just won the lotto so now we have 23million dollars and yer so im gonna be a gold user and its awsome cause i have a manssion

  6. Style Says:

    i already found it but thanks anyway

  7. Sh0pping_Queen Says:


    Those are 2 of the words that were hard for me.

  8. Dududog123 Says:

    Thanks,I have trouble with it so can you please tell me a few words on it?Pretty,please?

  9. Topaz349 Says:

    what are the three words?

  10. megadesgner Says:

    thats no help. i couldn’t find it.

  11. Teva02 Says:

    I couldn’t find the breifcase??

  12. Tazza345 Says:

    The briefcase wont show up on mine. Would there be anywhere else to find it?

  13. melissa Says:

    thx alot i always go to this website

  14. Ice gurl Says:


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