How to Get Levitation Power in Dizzywood

A lot of the missions in Dizzywood send you to places where you need to have the levitation power, like the Jaguar Temple or inside the chasm in Presto’s Edge. Most people already have the levitation power but here is a really easy guide for new players on how to get it. Oh the screenshots of the pages with instructions come from the book you get when you become a Pathfinder in Dizzywood. You get a lot of little books that you can drop on the ground that tell how to do stuff and everyone can read them!

Levitation Pillars in Tanglevine Jungle

To get the levitation power just go to Tanglevine Jungle and walk a little bit to the right. You will come to a river that you cannot cross because the water is to deep. But if you walk up the river bank you will see two strange pillars in the ground with crystals in them. Walk through the middle of these two pillars and you will start to levitate. You will also get the levitation power button in your backpack and in your hotkey bar!

Here are the pages from the Pathfinder Guide that explain it a little more.





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3 Responses to “How to Get Levitation Power in Dizzywood”

  1. noladizzy Says:

    Thank you for this guide!

  2. superdizzy Says:

    Good guide, M!

  3. dizzygrl Says:

    i got levitation thx to u!!!

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