Dizzywood Mission: Fallen Critters

Fallen Critters

Fallen Critters Moonpebble Mission

Wow, this was one of the best missions ever on Dizzywood. To do this mission, you need to have already done the Arrival of Moonpebble mission, which is really easy. This one is a little more complicated so I made a lot of screenshots of all the steps. You need to rescue some poor little critters that have fallen into the chasm in Presto’s Edge. Two of the little critters are TurtleBugs!

Moonpebble at the Chasm

Moonpebble is standing at the edge of the chasm and she needs you to gather three items that Moonpebble can use to pull the critters out of the chasm. Those three items are spread out around Dizzywood, but they are very easy to find. The three items you need to find are the pulley, the bucket, and the rope.

The Pulley

The pulley is right there in Presto’s Edge. It is over next to Timothy Hay and is lying right on the ground. You don’t need to do anything special to find it. Just click on it and it’s yours.

Moonpebble Pulley

The Bucket

The bucket is in Explorer’s Camp, very near the entrance. Just walk over to it and pick it up.

Moonpebble bucket

The Rope

The rope is inside the Jaguar Temple, which you enter from the Explorer’s Camp. It is on the second platform and you need to use levitation to float over there and get it.

Moonpebble rope

After you find all three items, they will be assembled into a device that Moonpebble can use to rescue the critters. Now head to Presto’s Edge and go inside the chasm!

Moonpebble Rescue Device

Rescue the Critters in the Chasm

Look at those poor little guys! OMG the TurtleBug is so cute. OK, so once you have the rescue device, all you have to do is click on any of the critters. Once you do, Moonpebble will pull them up to safety!

Cute critters in chasm

Rescued Critters

After you rescue the critters you win some coins and you will unlock a new mission to clean up the beach!

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4 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Fallen Critters”

  1. crazymay Says:

    is it okay if i put links of missions in my blogs my putting the link
    😀 😛 🙂

  2. crazymay Says:

    and first commanter

  3. mkramer96 Says:

    Hi Crazymay, yes you can put links to my mission posts in your blog. Please give me credit and thank you for reading my wordpress!

  4. 42polkadots Says:

    oh rockin info! totally helpful! no more missions left for me though……can’t wait till canal city is open though! hope its everything people say it is 😛

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