Dizzywood Mission: Arrival of Moonpebble

Arrival of Moonpebble

Moonpebble has arrived in Dizzywood after being summoned by the wizard Archimedes. There is a new mission called Arrival of Moonpebble where you need to go find her. She is in Tanglevine Jungle, over near the invisibility pillars on the other side of the river. Click on her to complete the mission.

Moonpebble in Tanglevine Jungle

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10 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Arrival of Moonpebble”

  1. inckypink Says:

    yessssssss im the first person to leave a comment!oh hi m! you might know me from your high flying bat mission blog. Why aren’t you replying back to my questions or leaving comments that include chating? please reply if you can

  2. 123456789 Says:

    inkypink that is soooooo stupid

  3. mkramer96 Says:

    Hi inckypink. sorry I will go read those comments and respond!

  4. Spicegirl82 Says:

    Hey im spicegirl 82. i have been trying to make the color blue a known color in dizzywood. You can see that there are more blue around in dizzywood and i hope there will be more. Thx for the pulley thingy.

  5. mkramer96 Says:

    Blue is the best!

  6. PKSonic Says:

    is this mission only for gold explorers?

  7. Saeli Says:

    Hi i’m Saeli, I’m just wondering, but what do u do after u complete the mission ”The Arrival of Moonpebble”?

  8. Paul Says:

    Thats the most stupid mission ever just meet the horse thats boring

  9. dfasdgfd Says:

    this mission is crazy

  10. dfasdgfd Says:

    this mission is crazy so crazy

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