Gold Explorers

Dizzywood now has paid upgrades called Gold Explorers. Gold Explorers get completely new things that they added to the game so it’s still free to play the way we always have been which is nice. If you become a gold explorer you can get a mansion and do special messages to other players. You can also get special clothing items. I think I might join if I can get permission. If I do I will post some screenshots of the mansions!!

Dizzywood Gold Explorer clothes


7 Responses to “Gold Explorers”

  1. ancachis Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your the unic who visits my blog,thanks,its just,i do it for myself.Thanks a lot,

  2. rockstar1237 Says:

    Thats just dumb… Dizzywood WAS the only site i played on because u didnt have 2 pay

  3. mkramer96 Says:

    I have not gotten a membership yet but I think I will this weekend. I don’t think it’s dumb because you can still do everything for free like before. It is only the new things that cost money I think. The new mansions are really cool though I got to walk inside a buddy’s mansion last night. You can have a lot of different rooms in one!

  4. inckypink Says:

    I love the Manshions they are the best!!!!!!!! i really wanna be a gold member! my friend today just visited a manshion and i rocks! but since my friends my neighbour i didnt really get to make the guy who ownes the houses buddy! how sad!

  5. mallove Says:

    that’s exactly how i feel, Rockstar!

  6. rockstar1237 Says:


    Thanks Mallove :]

    Inckypink ur lucky u get a membership :[

  7. footballcrazy11 Says:


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