Dizzywood Mission: Swipe the Sprite Traps

Swipe the Sprite Traps

There is a new mission on Dizzywood today! It is called Swipe the Sprite Traps and it is the third Spy Bear mission for the weekend. You need to find and remove sprite traps that the nasty villain Grool Grubnibbler has left out. He is such a meanie trying to capture those poor little sprites.

The exact location of the traps is a little different for everyone, but they are always in these three places:

  • Wildwood Glen
  • Garden Gazebo
  • Tanglevine Jungle

Here is where they were for me. Remember the exact location might be a little different for you but if you wander around a bit you will find them.

Sprite Trap in Wildwood Glen

I found mine near the pond in the upper right corner.

Sprite Trap in Wildwood Glen

Sprite Trap in Garden Gazebo

I found it right in the middle near the garden plots.

Sprite Trap in Garden Gazebo

Sprite Trap in Tanglevine Jungle

Mine was across the river all the way near the temple ruins and the jaguar ghost guy.

Sprite Trap in Tanglevine Jungle

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31 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Swipe the Sprite Traps”

  1. superdizzy Says:

    Wow great guide. Yah mine were in different spots but I found them all. U get 300 coins!

  2. dizzydizzy222 Says:

    Mine were in the same place in Gazebo and Tanglevine but different in Wildwood. Thanks!

  3. dwfan2008 Says:

    Thank you for the guide. This really helps!

  4. pixiepretzel Says:

    Help! I can’t find the one in Tanglevine Jungle.

  5. dizzywoodhelpandtips Says:

    When u finish it says u can do it again tomorrow.

  6. mkramer96 Says:

    You are right dizzywoodhelpandtips I think you can do this tomorrow. It might be like the dig for dubloons mission where you can do it every day.

  7. mkramer96 Says:

    pixie the traps are in different spots but there is always one in Tanglevine Jungle. I tried it on a few different characters. Keep looking!

  8. mkramer96 Says:

    dwfan, you are welcome. Thank you for commenting!

  9. mkramer96 Says:

    hey superdizzy, yes I forgot to mention that you get 300 coins. If you can do this every day like the Dig for Dubloons mission it will be a good way to make coins!

  10. glitterfan95 Says:


  11. Aleena Says:

    Thank you I could’t done it without you!

  12. tallulah Says:


  13. Akulya Says:

    thanks a bunch

  14. sh4dow Says:

    cant find the third one 😦

  15. footballcrazy11 Says:


  16. PinkJewel Says:

    Thank you so much! I found them all. I did it again too..

  17. PinkJewel Says:

    You also can find me on dizzywood on server Giggly at Presto edge!

  18. play2134b Says:

    crazymay who did you choose

  19. R&&Bstyllez Says:

    lol thnxx ppl
    n thnxx 2 u mkramer96 4 the comment on the dubloons
    btw…for some people if you go in winter then you can get free snowflakes and fireworks…all it said was that i finished a special quest and gave me 500 coins!! XOXOXOX

  20. King 0091 Says:

    I didn’t get …

  21. hipgirl265 Says:

    thx m. u help on missions so mush agin thx

  22. hipgirl265 Says:

    🙂 lol once agin thx :))))

  23. Dizzywood Staff Says:

    Hello i am Dizzywood Staff here speaking.
    I would just like to say that this guide is really helping in Dizzywood for everyone!
    Every day over 100 Dizzywood members complete this mission.
    Yours Truely,
    Dizzywood Staff

  24. dizzyfizzy58 Says:

    Uh, thanks dude but uh you don’t have to repeat that! Yeah, we know PEOPLE can’t find the last trap in Tanglevine Jungle. So, go doo dee doo and PLEASE stop telling us that!!

  25. JustMusic Says:

    I can’t find the one in the Garden Gazebo or the one in Tanglevine Jungle.

  26. mrhvdg Says:

    Thankyou for all the help with the missions without you I would of never known what to do.

  27. dragoon8000(gold explorer) Says:

    yea same here

  28. Soyo101 Says:

    ya i got them all it was easy but this site really helps ur awesome M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thx again Soyo101

  29. sandii999 Says:

    mine was in the same places but just not in tanglevine junlg

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