Dizzywood Mission: Bee Sprite Spying

Bee Sprite Spying

There is a brand new mission on Dizzywood called Bee Sprite Spying. All you need to do is locate the bee sprite who has a message for you. He is in the Explorer’s Camp near the tents.

Bee Sprite in Tents

When you click on him he has a little bit of a story to tell you about Spy Bear who lives in the secret tree house and has a lot of spy gear for Dizzywood people.

bee sprite story

There will be a new mission on November 8 called Stolen Tree House Guide.

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19 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Bee Sprite Spying”

  1. pumpkinprincess95 Says:


  2. sparklepowder2000 Says:

    Thanks I was having problems finding the bee.

  3. popgirlie Says:

    can i healp u do this stuff

  4. hipgirl265 Says:

    thanks for the bee it was hard to see

  5. slushie08 Says:

    cool,second comment!

  6. tiffany lam Says:

    This is so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^ yay!!!! second comment

  7. Lucy Says:


  8. mkramer96 Says:

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments!

  9. troysienna42 Says:

    The bee is pretty easy to find but I had a hard time to find the paper for the next mission. Thank u

  10. flippers123 Says:

    OMG!!!!!!! i keep clicking it but it won’t work

  11. flippers123 Says:

    But it is still cool! i wonder what u get.when do u guys go on so i could add u and go on snazzy but of whirly is open go in it okay.

  12. dustgirl Says:

    wow it was hard for me but i completed it
    but if u stick to it u have to be brave,
    u will complete it for sure

  13. totohialways Says:

    thnxz you helped a lot!

  14. fennie1 Says:

    Cool thanks i had ALOT of trouble finding the bee!!!!!!

  15. fennie1 Says:

    ^_^ 🙂 ;0 😦 ;( 0:)

  16. diizzywoood Says:

    wats the point just clik on mission and look here den u wont be wasting time

  17. animalcrossingwi Says:

    Cool this is helping me again and again go to youtube and type in “the duck song” its funny and wierd…

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