Halloween is Over

It looks like Halloween has ended in Dizzywood. All of the Halloween decorations and spooky music ended tonight and everything returned to normal. There is at least one more change. The welcome screen you see on login is different. It looks like the new Presto’s Grove and the big Welcome to Dizzywood sign stays on the screen until you log in. There are also some fall leaves floating by.

New Dizzywood Starting Screen

Oh and all the Halloween missions are gone and so are the scarecrows who sold the halloween costumes. Hope you got everything you wanted!!

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6 Responses to “Halloween is Over”

  1. awesomed Says:

    yay i got confused with the other one uts was really dark lol wow u have lots of hits when did u start?

  2. dizzymonkey100 Says:

    The fall leaves are very pretty!

  3. dizzymorgan Says:

    I miss Halloween already.

  4. mkramer96 Says:

    Yes it is much lighter now! I don’t think I have that many hits but thank u. I started my wordpress a few months ago and started Dizzywood a little b4 that.

  5. troysienna42 Says:

    I missed getting most of the costumes. 😦

  6. lipglossroses Says:

    I got all the costumes! noadays people ask me ‘ Were did you get that SWEET top!? ” and i will be like “Happy halloween ‘

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