Dizzywood Mission: Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

There are some new Halloween missions this weekend on Dizzywood. The first mission is called Trick or Treat and it is very easy to do. You need to find the Rock Bogie who is hiding somewhere in Dizzywood. He is in the chasm which is in Presto’s Edge. To get to the chasm, walk to the right where the bridge is. Then use your levitation power to fly over the chasm. Wait in the air until your levitation power runs out and you will fall inside.

Rock Bogie in the Chasm

When you land on the ground the Rock Bogie will be there. He will offer you the choice of getting a treat or a trick. Don’t be silly! Pick the treat. You will get 250 coins for completing the mission. If you pick trick, you get nothing. 😦

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