Dizzywood Mission: Find the Crystal Key to the Icy Aerie

Find the Crystal Key to the Icy Aerie

There is a new mission on Dizzywood called Find the Crystal Key to the Icy Aerie. Click on it in your missions tab and accept the mission to begin.

The Crystal Key can be found at the bottom of the chasm in Presto’s Edge. To get there, you need to levitate over the chasm and then fall inside. The crystal key is right there.

The crystal key in the chasm

Once you have the key go back to Presto’s Edge. Use your map or just click on the stairs leading out of the chasm. Then walk over to the crystal keyhole which is in the middle of the rocks. Clicking on this keyhole takes you to Mage Barrow. But if you click on the crystal key in your backpack and then click on the crystal keyhole you will go to a secret place: the Icy Aerie!

Crystal Keyhole in Dizzywood

Icy Aerie in Dizzywood

I couldn’t find anything to do once I got there but it is a snowy mountaintop. There is a wizard here named Arcitcus. He is the Winter Wizard who appeared in Dizzywood a long time ago for the Winter Festival.

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34 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Find the Crystal Key to the Icy Aerie”

  1. superdizzy Says:

    Wow this is so cool. What do you do in the Icy Aerie?

  2. pumpkinprincess95 Says:

    Hi nice post. Thank u

  3. dangowango Says:

    The snow place is really cool. I like it. What is the book and candle for?

  4. mkramer96 Says:

    superdizzy, I don’t know what you can do there yet but I tried clicking on everything. I will find out !

  5. mkramer96 Says:

    dangowango, I don’t know what to do with the book and candle. They look like wizard things.

  6. mkramer96 Says:

    Pumpkinprincess, thank you for visiting my blog!

  7. dizzyfun12 Says:

    Thank you for the helpful guide!

  8. dizzygal96 Says:

    This is a REALLY COOL guide. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  9. luckyeddy Says:

    hey this is really awesome thank u thanks

  10. xxGawguzGirl Says:

    omg your so helpfull!!! Luvv yur siteee! (:

  11. sambeline Says:

    neat thx very much

    hi mkramer96

    p.s my website is http://sylvia_flufflybears@coolppl.com

  12. marshy13 Says:

    ok dizzywood is up to something i mean go to the beach on the far right i bought the helmet for nothing u cant do anything there hmm

  13. pshyerface Says:

    it’d be awesome if you could jump off the mountain.

  14. Pipnut08 Says:

    Cool! It works! Thanks!

  15. Lolliepopgirl Says:

    thx that was a big help ta

  16. Jalen Says:


  17. cinnamoroll_ Says:

    i looked there and the key wasnt there:(

  18. mkramer96 Says:

    hey cinnamoroll maybe they moved it? Dizzywood made a lot of changes this week. But first check to be sure you have accepted the mission. The key will only show up if you are doing the mission.

  19. Holly Hunt Says:

    i have been in the chasm but the key is never there ive accceppted the mission please help me

  20. princess2051 Says:

    go to my webbie – princess2051.wordpress.com and add a leave a reply

  21. lilyflower998 Says:

    hey guys if u want 100 coins go to the right in the icy aerie and click on the thing in the ground it’ll be coins

  22. laurenhs Says:


  23. Soap Says:

    Hey, um i have clicked on the mission and everything, but everytime i go to the chasm the key’s not there!!!!!

    what should i do?

  24. Soap Says:

    nevermind 🙂 yay i got it 🙂

    this way helpful 🙂

  25. xhypergirlx Says:

    Hey i went to the chasm and the key aint there … and i dont have the key. what do i do now??!?!

  26. xhypergirlx Says:

    OOOh its okay i found it! thanks anyway

  27. thnx! Says:

    i found it! ITS NOT MOVED! anywayz thnx for da help =] mermaid006

  28. crownprincess_kim김 Says:

    big help! tnx. . . .

  29. PartyFun34 Says:

    thankx i didnt read it clearly but then i finally got tat key

  30. Cunamize Says:

    Cool thx u might see me on dizzywood my name on dizzywood is Cunamize

  31. kikircks Says:


  32. Natureclub Says:

    Hey love ur blog…….Thnx for the dizzywood help…………check out my wordpress blog. Its Jewls2247.wordpress.com ! I fu like it comment

  33. Natureclub Says:

    Srry, for the last sentence I ment to say If u like my site comment!

  34. Kandou Says:

    THank you so much!♥

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