Dizzywood Election Won by Kat de Claw

The Dizzywood Elections are over and Kat de Claw is the winner. She got more votes than Melinda Swingtail or Cecil Sideshuffle and that means she is the new Chief Poobah. She replaces Presto in that job. Her big campaign promise was to build a road from Wildwood forest to Canal City so that Dizzywood explorers could go there. I hope we see it soon!

Dizzywood Election Winner

Here is a picture of me with Kat de Claw. She is now wearing a yellow sash that goes with her position of Chief Poobah!

Me and Kat de Claw

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2 Responses to “Dizzywood Election Won by Kat de Claw”

  1. superdizzy Says:

    When do we get a road to canal city??

  2. Daisy2301 Says:

    ur amazing mkramer
    plz let me be ur fan!

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