Dizzywood Mission: Misplaced Ballots

Dizzywood Misplaced ballots

Admiral Hawksbill misplaced a stack of ballots for the Dizzywood election for Chief Poobah and he needs you to help find them. This is a new Dizzywood mission that is part of all the special Dizzywood missions for the elections happening this weekend.

Accept the mission (it’s in the missions tab near your backpack). Then go to the Garden Gazebo. The ballots are at the top of the screen near a tree behind the very last garden plot.

Dizzywood missing ballots in Garden Gazebo

When you find the ballots the mission is complete and you get 250 coins.

Don’t forget to vote in the Dizzywood Elections. Today is the last day to vote according to the notice on the bulletin board in Presto’s Edge!

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9 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Misplaced Ballots”

  1. snuggy4 Says:

    Yay! first comment!

    anyway thank for ur help and im pritty for your vocabulary

  2. jademonkey4k Says:

    Thanks i didn’t know about this mission.

  3. dwfan2008 Says:

    I did this and got the coins. Thank u! have you seen the new clothes from last week? I am trying to save up my coins for them.

  4. ppock8000 Says:

    Hi great post. Thank you!

  5. dizzywoodhelpandtips Says:

    Can u still do this mission even if the election is over??

  6. glitterfan95 Says:

    Yay for Kat de Claw. She won the election!

  7. dangowango Says:

    This was an easy mission. Thanks!

  8. dizzyfun12 Says:

    Can u still do this now that the election is over???

  9. dizzygal96 Says:

    I voted for Melinda but she lost. 😦

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