Dizzywood Mission: Help Onca Rebuild His Temple

Help Onca Rebuild His Temple


This mission is now called Get Zap, Part 1: Get Ghost Ray. It still works pretty much the same though.

This is the mission you need to do to get the Ghost Ray power for the first time. You will need Levitation before you try to get to Onca who is on the other side of the river in Tanglevine Jungle.

Onca the Jaguar Ghost

Go up to Onca and click on him. He will challenge you to a game of Combo Drop. You will need to line up nine blue pieces and nice yellow pieces in groups of three at a time. It’s very easy if you know how to do the combo drop game. When you’re done you will complete the mission and Onca gives you the Ghost Ray power!

Onca gives ghost ray

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17 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Help Onca Rebuild His Temple”

  1. dangowango Says:

    Thanks this is good. You can play him again if u run out of ghost ray to get more.

  2. dizzyfun12 Says:

    I think this game is too hard.

  3. Jakkkie Says:

    yyI Keep hAVING T gettt ghost raayy

  4. annemarie Says:

    that is so cool can u put more missions thingy please i want to finish all my missions asap!!!:) please mkramer

  5. Aleena Says:

    I don’t under stand?

  6. lizzie Says:

    whaere are the iodols once u get th ghost ray power

  7. mkramer96 Says:

    Hi Aleena what don’t u understand??

  8. mkramer96 Says:

    Hi lizzie the first idol is right near him behind one of the stone pillars. Just ghost ray them and you will find it. The other is inside the Jaguar Temple You need to do the rock moving game inside the temple to find it.

  9. punkrock6 Says:

    The first opal is inside a piller near onca. Use your ghost ray powers to get the opal.The other opal is inside the Jaguar temple. But before you do that, place the first opal in the statue. Then gets some friends and head to plateu and start clicking until the opal is bare then click on it and then place in the statu then you’ve beat the mission!

  10. Mssugarpie Says:

    Hi guys,

    the first idol is behind one of the stone were u get ghost ray. Go to Jaguar Temple in Explorers Camp and turn invisible to get past Yagu. Go in and travel over the holes using levitation, collecting the gems if u r desperate for money because if u go to someone (who i fogort) they will pay 15 coins for each crystal. Go across until u come across a statue that sort of looks like a face. Insert the opal and then levitate onto the other boards. You will come across a dirt pile. Wave your cursor over it for a while and underneath is the second opal! Go back and insert it into the statue and you will get zap power!! If you are looking for crystal catatcombs fall down from the boards and it will go down for a while and then say Traveling Going to Crystal Catacombs.

    If you wanna add me as a friend that us fine cause i dont say no and i dont mind who is. 🙂

  11. adorcfish2 Says:

    Was wondering if anyone knew how to do the mission…Help rebuild the Jaguar Temple…says to use your new powers but I’m not sure what to do next. Looks like there are 3 more steps. Thanks!

  12. qutir111 Says:

    Hey Guys!
    I have been doing all of the missions that I can, but I cant find the mission to get Ghostray! Is it possible that because its winter, I cant get it? Thanks!

  13. mkramer96 Says:

    I think they changed the name of this mission qutir because a few people have sent messages to me saying they can’t find it but I don’t know what it is now because I already have Ghost Ray! If someone knows please comment here. Thx.

  14. starfire78 Says:

    I love you mkrammer

  15. sierra Says:

    dizzywood said i need to rebuild the temple i dont get it

  16. cukooo Says:

    when i click on him he dosnt challenge me to a game he tells me the story.

  17. ♥chihuahua09♥ Says:

    Ello! Thanks for the info. I have seen the mission on some of my friends “Dizzywood Player Profiles” 😆

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