Dizzywood Mission: Speak with Hawksbill

There is a lot going on this weekend on Dizzywood. The big news is that there is going to be an election for Chief Poobah. There is a mission just for the election called Speak with Hawksbill.


Admiral Hawksbill is very easy to find. He is standing in the very middle part of Presto’s Edge and is surrounded by a lot of election stuff. Make sure you have accepted the mission and then talk to him. You will hear a little speech and then he will give you a second mission called Potential Poobahs.

Hawksbill in Presto's Edge for the election

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2 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Speak with Hawksbill”

  1. natasha Says:

    ok i love to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dizzyfun12 Says:

    i think this is over now.

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