New Post on Explorer’s Journal from H.C. LeSnout

There’s a new post on the Dizzywood Explorer’s Journal written by H.C. LeSnout. When I read it I remembered that I never finished all of the H.C. LeSnout missions last week. I went and found the footprint mud impression thing. It is in the Crystal Catacombs. You have to play a special game of Combo Drop first where you need to match the orange and brown things.

H.C. Le Snout's Mud Impression in the Crystal Catacombs

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4 Responses to “New Post on Explorer’s Journal from H.C. LeSnout”

  1. starbright6482 Says:

    thanks. but thgere is anthor misson. you need to find clay paste. HINTS??????? WHERE IS IT>?????

  2. dizzydizzy222 Says:

    That one was fun.

  3. spicegirl82 Says:

    use ghost ray on the first tent in explorers camp

  4. Guinevear Says:

    Anyone know how to tame a wild betta fish? i let mine go on free play at my house, but when i came back, it was gone. Is that because it was wild???

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