Dizzywood Spy Gear

Get Spy Gear in Dizzywood

OK so some of you know that there is a lot of really fun Spy Gear that you can get in Dizzywood. But the way to get it is kind of secret. Here is what you need to do.

First you need to go to Tanglevine Jungle and step on the air grate so that you can get the grappling hook and rope. It is on the top of one of the trees so just click on it and it’s yours.

Now go to Wildwood Glen and walk to the far right and back near the pond. There is a little picture of a treehouse in the background. Click on the grappling hook and rope in your backpack and then click on the treehouse picture. When you do you will get a message about reaching the treehouse.

The next step is to play a special game of jumper where you collect honeycomb on your way to finding the secret treehouse. You want to collect as many honeycomb as you can without touching the red beehives. When you reach the end you will be at the secret treehouse.

Inside Secret Treehouse in Dizzywood

Once you are inside the treehouse, talk to the secret agent bear and you can trade honeycomb for all kinds of spy/stealth gear. Here are all the things you can get.

Spy Gear

  • Recon Goggles
  • Dark Moon Specs
  • Super Shades
  • Spy Briefcase

Spy Clothes

  • Stealth Gear Top
  • Stealth Gear Bottom

Spy Home Stuff

  • Spy Central Communicator
  • Spy Database Processor
  • Spy Data Configuration Unit
  • Spy Bunker Door

You can only buy one spy gear item per day!

Here is a video of the jumper game.

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