Dizzywood Mission: Spot H.C.’s Equipment

There are some new missions on Dizzywood this weekend and a lot of changes too, but first the mission. I will write a separate post about all the big changes!

Spot H.C. Le Snout’s Equipment

OK so the first mission is to find H.C. Le Snout’s digging equipment. First accept the mission in your missions tab and then you can find the equipment lying around Dizzywood.

The hammer is at Breakwater Beach over to the left when you enter.


The trowel is in Wildwood Glen near the statue.


The dust brush is in Jaguar Temple. Just click on it you don’t need to levitate over to the platform.


The dust pan is in Sky Town.


When you finish collecting all the pieces, you get 250 coins and you unlock the next mission!

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40 Responses to “Dizzywood Mission: Spot H.C.’s Equipment”

  1. marsh13 Says:

    yay thx

  2. kka2297 Says:

    I can’t find the dustpan!!!! 😦

    • JustMusic Says:

      Go to the Skytown Skatepark. Then keep on walking across the bridge.
      Then walk down. It will be a black thing.

  3. Buzy bee5 Says:

    hay umm how do you get to the beach now
    i have the key but the new thing on dizzywood doesn’t have ANY portals

  4. MIG7585 Says:

    Yeah! where in skytown?????????

  5. mkramer96 Says:

    Buzy bee, to get to the beach now you need to click on the sign in Presto’s Edge. It’s in the lower left corner.

  6. mkramer96 Says:

    kka2297, the dustpan is a little hard to see I think. It’s kind of in the middle and down a little bit in the main area of Sky Town.

  7. Milk Says:

    how do u get to jaguar temple

  8. mkramer96 Says:

    Milk you can get to Jaguar Temple from Explorer’s Camp. You need to turn invisible to sneak past the ghost guarding the entrance. It’s in the upper right part of Explorer’s Camp.

  9. banana2468 Says:


  10. lillian Says:

    im kinda new but thx

  11. goldisthebest Says:

    i went to skytown n the dust pan isent there 😦 : ( :9: (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

  12. Pearlgirl123 Says:

    What about the Preserving Your Mud Expression mission?
    I cant figur it out.

  13. Alice Says:

    Thanks mate 🙂

  14. aesomeness Says:

    ta =P

  15. mkramer96 Says:

    Milk you can get to Jaguar Temple from Explorer’s Camp. You need to turn invisible to sneak past the ghost guarding the entrance. It’s in the upper right part of Explorer’s Camp.

  16. queenl Says:

    thank you

  17. MileyRoxs14 Says:


  18. starfire78 Says:

    Can you plz make the next mission of the footprint find if you no can you plz tell me plz

  19. Tiffany Says:

    there are new things now can u write type those now 2?

  20. mkramer96 rocks Says:


  21. hipgirl265 Says:

    thx m u rock!

  22. Joy Says:

    where is skytown? and the jaguar temple?

    • mkramer96 Says:

      You get to skytown from Presto’s Edge by going in the cannon when someone charges it with zap. You get to Jaguar Temple by sneaking past the ghost in Explorer’s Camp. You need to have invisibility to get past him.

  23. yenderscol Says:

    any cheats on how 2 get in2 the temple not being a silver or gold?plz reaply i nvr been posted befor 😥

  24. yenderscol Says:

    o…wel how do you get zap?(plz rite easy way)

  25. yenderscol Says:


    where are the skate bored stuff and the scols of paper for Melinda?

  26. majiger Says:

    hey u know that the photo didn’t load right and all u have is the URL and the words

  27. yenderscol Says:

    how did you get your dizzywood person on the litte picture to the right???

  28. dizzywood fan Says:

    i cant find the black thing in skytown skate park?????????

  29. thegirl2 Says:

    thnx so much

  30. dizzywoodperson Says:

    hmmmmm M? CAN u show me a peek on the mission moonpebbles charms part 15? in DW are there any tea party?

  31. dizzywoodperson Says:

    dizzywood person is the same thing as ayshaha2301 i just changed the name!


  32. manu687 Says:

    IT IS:

  33. fragon Says:

    i found all of them, then forgot. so thanks!

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