Dizzywood Mission: Find the Clothing Tent


Find the Clothing Tent is one of the first Dizzywood Missions that you can do and it is very, very easy. The only thing you need to do is accept the mission and then go to the Explorer’s Camp. You can get there from Presto’s Grove by walking all the way to the right and then clicking on the sign.

When you arrive in the Explorer’s Camp, walk a little to the right and you will get to a campfire. The Clothing Tent is behind it. Just click on the tent and the mission is completed!

Prize: you will get 300 coins for finishing this mission. You will also get a new mission called Skate Shop Delivery.


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One Response to “Dizzywood Mission: Find the Clothing Tent”

  1. marsh13 Says:

    Well Thank u soo much and also thank u to soo many ppl who help me on dizzywood i will never be able to do ANYTHING without ur help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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