Dizzy Activity: Hawksbill’s Trivia


There is a new Dizzy Activity today called Hawksbill’s Trivia. Activate the mission then go to Presto’s Edge and find the trivia chest. The answer to the trivia question is, a fierce storm.

This is the trivia chest in Presto’s Edge. It is in the same place where you always find it.


The correct answer to the trivia question.


Here is what you get for answering the trivia question. There’s a new mission to do called Dig for Dubloons! And you get a secret map.


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6 Responses to “Dizzy Activity: Hawksbill’s Trivia”

  1. icon10 Says:

    why cant i find the trivia chest in presto edge????

  2. mkramer96 Says:

    You have to accept the Hawksbill Trivia mission first or it will not appear.

  3. hi =D Says:

    i cant find it either plus i already accepted it too

  4. Destiny Says:

    thanx so much i found it! it is next to the wheeel!

  5. M'sfan Says:

    yahoo ur web rockz GO M!

  6. M'sfan Says:

    But please dont quit your site like gawgirls or wat ever u ROCK ROCK ROCK DIZZYWOOD!

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