Dizzy Mission: Find Admiral Hawksbill

The new Dizzy Activity came out a day late but it is a good one. You need to find Admiral Hawksbill who has docked on the island. The activity is a little different. You need to accept the mission first (click on your Missions tab near your backpack). Then he will appear in Breakwater Beach over on the far end. Go to him and click on him and you will finish the mission.

You get a totally awesome admiral’s hat as a reward!!!


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3 Responses to “Dizzy Mission: Find Admiral Hawksbill”

  1. dwsecretnotes Says:

    Visit my site, I have a funny story with this blog included in it! You have to read it. Its under the find Admiral Hawksbill post



  2. Crystialic Says:

    awsome we will look like admiral hawksbill!! no alll we need is a turtle suit!! lol

  3. JustMusic Says:

    I didn’t get the hat XC

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