Find the Lost Honeycomb Pieces

UPDATE: I changed this to show the new correct locations for the honeycomb.

Today’s activity is to find all the lost honeycomb pieces for the bees. This is where they all are:

  • Breakwater Beach
  • Presto’s Edge
  • Garden Gazebo
  • Wildwood Glen

NOTE the Dizzywood peeps removed Farthing’s Meadow and put the honeycomb piece somewhere else now. If you know where it is plz post in the comments. Thank you.

Dizzywood Collect Honeycombs

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26 Responses to “Find the Lost Honeycomb Pieces”

  1. foxrider Says:

    You have an awesome BLOG Please dont eva quit!!!!!!!!!!

  2. coolgirl600 Says:

    i used this thanks it worked!

  3. Josh Says:


  4. higirl Says:

    cool thnx

  5. Pompie479 on clubpenguin. Peachfan on dizzywoood Says:

    i found it now where do i find the worker bee?

  6. Ashley Says:

    Hey! I love your tips! Just one thing, how do you get to Farthing’s Meadow?
    Thanks! 🙂
    Maybe we can meet in Dizzywood sometime!

  7. mkramer96 Says:

    Hi Ashley, Dizzywood removed Farthing’s Meadow so I think I need to update this post once I find where they moved the honeycomb piece!

  8. piplup4 Says:


  9. Tessa Says:

    hey i cant find the one in the crystal catacombs. please help!

  10. figifk Says:

    you are so cool!

  11. Shoppinggal222 Says:

    Honeycomb is in Garden Gazebo

  12. kelly111 Says:

    i love you m

  13. Berryswirl Says:

    I can’t find the one in the crystal catabombs. Some ppl say that there’s one in presto’s grove but i can’t find that one either…HELP ME PLEASE!!!! btw, ur blog ROCKS. 😀

  14. Miley FAN Says:

    whereabouts in prestos edge??
    I ❤ U M! (<3 is Heart)

  15. 07psasum Says:

    i can’t find the last one in presto groove!

  16. curlygirl258 Says:


  17. alz Says:

    hey people whoeva asked wer the one in prestos grove is well it’s not prestros grove its prestros edge on the otha side of the chasm just walk along the bridge and u will find it:)

  18. 00peace00 Says:

    omg u rok mi sokz m

  19. 00peace00 Says:

    One of the honeycombs is on the bridge in prestos edge

  20. massie Says:

    this is not that much help but i like urs better than that other girls umm u should really show pictures of where u found them so well know exactaly where to find them…=)

  21. massie Says:

    ohh and 00peace00 she said prestos edge so i think every1 knows that…

  22. totallyfree2bme Says:

    Hey mkramer. I love your blog! I use all the time! IT would be so cool if we could meet on dizzywood. My dizzywood name is totallyfree2bme. Hope we can. You are so cool!

  23. CJ Says:

    I have all 4 but I don’t know what to do next. Help!!

  24. Daisy2301 Says:

    hEY M! i alwayz post on ur blog but ou neva reply me! i thnk u hayt me,
    i use ur blog all the time! and i want to meet u in DW i found a girl named kramer. is tht u?
    NOW PLZ reply,reply,reply!

  25. pearl12bloom Says:

    the last one’s in breakwater beach…
    on the water near the deck chairs

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