Zap People While They Are Playing Jumper

If you use the zap power on people while they are playing the Jumper game then they will see themselves getting zapped inside the game. You can do this in the mines or in Wildwood Glen when they are going to the treehouse. Look for someone with the jumper game icon over their head. That means they are playing the game. Then zap them! They will get zapped in their game. lol!

Zap Jumper

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5 Responses to “Zap People While They Are Playing Jumper”

  1. Nikki Says:

    what about tanglevine jungle??

  2. uurika Says:

    plz go to


  3. marsh13 Says:

    ive tried that im sorry pplz that i done it to!

  4. marsh13 Says:

    NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha lol

  5. Ano Says:

    guess what marsh yh ya dun it to me!!

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