How to Get to the Treehouse in Dizzywood

Now you can get into the Secret Tree House in Dizzywood but you need to know some secrets before you can get inside. The first thing you will need is the rope and grappling hook which are hidden in a tree in Tanglevine Jungle. You can get it by walking on the air grate and then you will see the rope and grappling hook up in one of the trees. Click on it really quick before you fall back down to the ground and you will get it.

Dizzywood air Grate

Dizzywood Rope and Grappling Hook

Then go to Wildwood Glen. Click on the rope and grappling hook in the LOOT area in your backpack and then click on the treehouse. Sometimes it is hard because there is a message in the way so you might need to move around to be able to click on the little treehouse.

Dizzywood Treehouse

Once you get inside you have to cross over the trees to get to the treehouse. It is a special version of the jumper game and is kind of like the game in the Mines. You want to collect as much honeycomb as you can because once you get to the treehouse you can trade the honeycomb for spy clothes and stuff.

Dizzywood Jumper Tree House

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6 Responses to “How to Get to the Treehouse in Dizzywood”

  1. ixxy Says:

    what stuff can u do ther apart from trading stuff from the guy

  2. ixxy Says:

    o and im new what stuff can u do on dizzywood to get free stuff?
    heres my e-mail plz email me what can do on dizzywood and in the treehouse

  3. sweetie124 Says:

    Hi im sweetie124 from dizzy wood the tree house is not fun at all It is awesome.,..

  4. kelly Says:

    i went on the the air thing but it didnt have the rope

  5. matthew Says:

    theres a unlimited room go to the tree house and levitate at the end of the tree house then u fell and u will go down and u will get at the tree house again

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