Treehouse in Dizzywood

The treehouse is seen in Wildwood Glen

The treehouse is seen in Wildwood Glen

There is a treehouse in Wildwood Glen but no one can get in it. When you try to click on it you can’t get there. But people are saying that there might be something like rope somewhere that lets you get in. Please post a comment if you know how to get in!

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8 Responses to “Treehouse in Dizzywood”

  1. animal_star101 Says:

    ummm there is a rope it will say it if u click the tree house O.o

  2. poppin314 Says:

    hey i know how to get in the treehouse

  3. poppin314 Says:

    u have to get a rope wich is in tanglevine jungle
    go on the air thing and u will see the rope

  4. poppin314 Says:

    click on it the go to wildwood glen and use it

  5. Nokrepkie Says:

    yeah good one

  6. Spike000 Says:

    there is a grappling hook and a rope, you need to go into tanglevine jungle and step on the air grate and click on one of the bubbles

  7. Allyza Says:

    easy as pie you just have to go to tangle vine jungle step on the air gate and near your right is the grapling hook and rope on top of a tree then go to wild wood glen and you will see the tree house in the background
    select the grappling hook and rope and then click the tree house

  8. Lil oreo Says:

    Well u click on the rope in your backpack and press the treehouse with the rope in your hand see easy

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