Fishing in Dizzywood

OK I am updating this post because it is pretty old and fishing has changed a little since I first posted it.

If you want to go fishing in Dizzywood then the first thing you need is to get your fishing pole. Accept the mission called Get a Fishing Pole and Go Fishing in the missions section of your backpack. Now go to Breakwater Beach.


You can get to Breakwater beach by clicking on the sign in Presto’s Edge. It’s at the bottom of the screen below the cannon and the sign to Presto’s Grove. When you get to Breakwater Beach walk as far into the water as you can and zoom your camera out with the slider as far as you can. You should see an old boat upside down in the water.

Now you will need to use the Ghost Ray power first to find the fishing pole. Use the ghost ray power on the old sunken boat in the water. The fishing pole is hidden underneath that boat then you click on the fishing pole in your backpack to fish. Then click somewhere in the water and you are fishing!

Dizzywood Fishing Pole

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