How to do Move the Pile of Rocks in Dizzywood

There is a big pile of rocks in the Explorer’s Camp in Dizzywood and the bear guy there needs your help to move the pile. If you help him then he will give you 500 coins so it is totally worth your time to do this. There is a jade skull underneath the pile and you need to click it to get the coins. There are a few things you need to know.


  • You move the rocks by clicking on them a lot
  • If you do it with lots of people then it goes much faster. A lot faster.
  • Whatever you do DON’T CLICK ON THE PROTECTOR IDOL. It is the big blue and gray thing in the back of the pile. If you click on it you have to start over.
  • Sometimes losers click on the idol just to ruin it for everyone. Don’t worry they will get reported to the mods if they do that
  • When the light blue idol appears then click on it quickly. You only have a few seconds.
There’s a special event TODAY only (June 8) where if you click on the idol you also get a rare piece of Onkasia (I don’t know how to spell it) furniture for your apartment.


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